“It takes more than 2 2 tango”
Celebrating the 22 years of Master Yachts

11 February 2022
With 22 years under its belt, MYC is doing better than ever, with new and exciting projects underway and incoming staff joining its international team.
The yacht management company has a proven track record of well-established relationships with experts, shipyards and suppliers from all around the world, a highly committed team and many satisfied clients.
What has originally started off as a humble business idea of two passionate people (ex-captain Richard and ex-chef Justine), turned into a great success story. Richard and Justine met onboard 49m SY Thalia back in 1994, they married in October 1995.
A year later, Richard moved from first mate on Thalia to captain of Ninemia, a 31-metre motor yacht and the young couple worked for a Greek owner, based in Athens until Justine and Richard were expecting their first child.
Richard continued at the helm of Ninemia for another three years until Justine was carrying their second child. It was then time to move onshore, permanently. The Masters have chosen the beautiful island of Mallorca, the Island Justine had called ‘home’ since sailing there with her father in 1985.
With good timing and a lot of dedication, patience and energy, Richard and Justine Masters, enlarged their family business by experienced yachting professionals such as Patrick Moussa and Adrian Berry to help them accelerate the growth of their Palma-based company. The growing team at Master Yachts have all contributed to its success.
Today MYC is well-respected player on the yachting scene, a well sought-after yacht management company attracting new clients who are in search of a unique experience and bespoke service, including expertise in multiple asset management and consultancy services. Over its 22 years of history, MYC has embraced challenges and delivered customized service to its clients while placing emphasis on transparency and efficient communication with the best interest of its clients at heart.
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