Real Time Document Management System
Every Yacht under our management has its own separate portal which is divided into sectors such as Crew, Accounts, Safety and Operations. This can be further customized to allow for each Yacht to be managed in its own preferred style.
MYConnect is accessible by the Owner and Captain giving them real-time knowledge of the status of the Yacht’s management and operations.


All information about the crew can be found in one easy location.
Real time access to:
  • Crew profiles, documents, personal details
  • Insurance, medical information, emergency contacts
  • Crew salaries, banking information, employment agreements, payslips
  • Guest lists, crew lists


We work closely with the Captain or Owners representative to establish an annual budget, review the on board cash and credit card expenses, consolidate and record all transactions, administer dedicated client accounts, process payments following an agreed upon approval work flow and report transparently on a monthly basis.
Real time access to:
  • Crew cash and credit reports
  • Accounts statements
  • Invoices and cash receipts
  • Payment requests
  • Accounts reports and graphics


Understanding and assessing the risks is paramount and having a set of clear and established procedures is essential to maximize safe operation. Our Safety officers monitor yachts according to International Safety Management requirements to effectively support the crew in operating a safe Yacht.
Real time access to:
  • Emergency contacts accessible in one click
  • All procedures and inspection reports
  • ISM calendar
  • Risk assessments


The ever increasing scope of the legislative requirements to operate large Yachts has become overwhelming for the most organized crew and now requires a dedicated team of administrators. To ensure compliance, safe operation and maintain the Yacht’s value, we provide full administrative and operational support to our managed Yachts.
Real time access to:
  • Equipment certificates
  • Insurance documents
  • Legal & statutory documents
  • Technical documents and surveys
Enjoy your yacht and precious moment
‒ we will take care of the rest.