New Build Management

Master Yachts provides a solution to any new build project by drawing on years of experience working with various designers and shipyards around the world. A dedicated project manager and supporting staff closely monitor every stage of the construction ensuring contract compliance and quality, while minimizing impact on cost and schedule in meeting all the owner’s requirements.
The supervision of a new build is about ensuring that the shipyard complies with their contractual obligations outlined in the build contract, specifications, drawings and schedule. This normally includes building to Class and Flag State rules and regulations but also building to the highest standards of workmanship and quality. The difficulty and complexity of these tasks should never be underestimated as their mismanagement could jeopardise the successful completion of the new build project, the most common evidence of that being delivery delays, cost overrun and poor workmanship.

Our Services for
New Build Management

  • Review shipyard and contractors construction drawings ensuring compliance with the specifications
  • Monitor build progress, shipyard’s contractual obligations and ensure quality standards that are maintained consistently
  • Participate in production meetings with shipyard and contractors.
  • Oversee and review the shipyard’s communications with Classification and Regulatory bodies
  • Monitor and approve construction stage payments.
  • Review technical installations and trial reports.
  • Review as-built drawings and operations manuals.
  • Assist in the outfitting and crew selection, crew contracts and remuneration.
  • Monitor and acknowledge final acceptance trials.
  • Review all Classification and Statutory certificates.
  • Assist and advise on Registration procedures and insurance
Selection of our Managed New Builds
56m Turquoise Yachts
77m Turquoise Yachts
MY Solandge
85m Lurssen
SY Aquijo
86m Oceanco
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